Founded in 1982, Winick Realty Group is one of New York’s most prominent firms specializing in retail leasing and advisory services.  For more than 30 years, Winick Realty Group has served a broad range of clients domestically as well as globally, with a strong emphasis on long term representation and expansion and growth strategies. Winick Realty Group is recognized as a forerunner in the retail real estate market.


The Winick Realty Group team is comprised of experienced sales people and brokers in every discipline who know that the business of retail leasing is far more complex than simply finding the right location. It’s their negotiating prowess that produces a successful financial outcome for their clients. Realistic, street-smart and diplomatic, they are acutely aware that every transaction, large or small, is the result of positive human interaction. Winick Realty Group doesn’t take that for granted. That’s why clients on both sides of the retail equation put their confidence in Winick Realty Group time and again.


In an environment that too often is a beauty contest of locations and neighborhoods, Winick Realty Group develops relevant, focused and financially advantageous strategies for every asset in the client’s portfolio, not just the most sought after. With a strong emphasis on representation, growth and expansion, Winick Realty Group works hard to uncover opportunities that maximize the value and performance of each distinct property – for owner and tenant alike.


Winick Realty Group leverages the two sides of the retail equation in a fiercely competitive arena to consistently maximize the success of our retail clients; that’s the upside that keeps them coming back. And because Winick Realty Group knows that every property has a distinct life of its own, they energize the right strategies at the right time to bring out its best from every angle.