Solving complex real estate problems using empirical data and storytelling

Technology has revolutionized the commercial real estate industry, making consumer and market data readily available to brokers and analysts. Real estate professionals can now instantly access data about an area of interest on a level of granularity once thought unimaginable.

This abundance of data has changed how decisions are being made. Locational decisions now require more thoughtful and insightful analyses to satisfy growing demands from clients.

One of the biggest changes I’ve noticed is that clients and investors now expect a greater level of insight into a market. These decision-makers don’t just want data, they want the right data, presented in a way that is highly consumable, relevant, and relatable; that emphasizes traits, characteristics and nuances of a given trade area and marketplace.

The challenge becomes satisfying these needs succinctly, without sacrificing valuable qualities. In this demanding environment, real estate professionals need to bring sites to life by becoming master story tellers.

This is precisely what innovative leaders like Matt Felton of Datastory Consulting and Winick Realty Group have done.

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The Business Journals – 11-14-17 – Solving complex real estate problems using empirical data and storytelling

Winick Realty Group is one of New York’s prominent real estate firms specializing in retail leasing and advisory services.  Over the years, Winick Realty has served a broad range of domestic and global clients, with a strong emphasis on long-term representation and expansion and growth strategies.  Winick Realty Group is highly recognized as a forerunner in the retail real estate market.

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